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Congratulations! Our project of $3.8 M is selected to fund by DOE SETO!

Our project entitled "Unified Universal Control and Coordination of Inverter-Based Resources, AI Forecasting, and Demonstration for PV+Battery Hybrid Plants" is selected to fund by the DOE SETO. Dr. He serves as the Co-PI in this project ( the lead PI of UIC ). Her research team plays a significant role in this project.


Project Summary

This project is developing an innovative unified universal control and coordination of inverter-based resources for photovoltaic (PV) plus battery hybrid power plants. This technology will provide flexibility and stability over wide ranges of inverter operation, from grid-following to islanding and local grid-forming. The team is using a multilayer approach that includes artificial intelligence PV forecasts and energy management, intelligent coordination outer-loop control, and unified universal inner-loop control. These three layers together deal with systematic integration and coordination of the hybrid power plant with bulk grid and co-located PV and battery within the plant in various time scales from a day to micro-seconds.