Congratulations! Our project of $3.8 M is selected to fund by DOE SETO!

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Our project entitled "Unified Universal Control and Coordination of Inverter-Based Resources, AI Forecasting, and Demonstration for PV+Battery Hybrid Plants" is selected to fund by the DOE SETO. Dr. He serves as the Co-PI in this project ( the lead PI of UIC ). Her research team plays a significant role to develop an intelligent coordinating grid forming outer-loop controller and advanced black-start strategy. The outer-loop controller proposed by Dr. He has been filed to the U.S. patent office through the UIC Office of Technology Management.


Project Summary

This project is developing an innovative unified universal control and coordination of inverter-based resources for photovoltaic (PV) plus battery hybrid power plants. This technology will provide flexibility and stability over wide ranges of inverter operation, from grid-following to islanding and local grid-forming. The team is using a multilayer approach that includes artificial intelligence PV forecasts and energy management, intelligent coordination outer-loop control, and unified universal inner-loop control. These three layers together deal with systematic integration and coordination of the hybrid power plant with bulk grid and co-located PV and battery within the plant in various time scales from a day to micro-seconds.